Sales letters is what makes or breaks a product that is being sold any where.

Your sales page is like a salesman working for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

So I decided to run down some master copy writing steps I use in my copy to help me sell products like hot cakes to the masses.

Please follow the steps and put them to work in your next sales copy.


Step #1: Always create your headlines to be attention-getting, benefit-driven, curiosity-arousing to lead your prospect into your sales copy

Example: Discover How To Lose 10 pounds in 17 days without using exercise equipment at all.


Step #2: Always create your sales copy opener to hold your prospects interest. You always want to push the prospects emotional hot buttons so they will keep reading the next line of your sales copy.

Step #3: Introduce your product as the solution to your prospects problem. Always list the benefits as well. That way the prospect will know if your product or products will solve their problem or not.

Example: “You will learn how to [insert benefit]!”


Step #4: Provide proof that your product works. Show video proof or picture screen shots of earnings or your product in action.


Step #5: Now it’s time to offer your guarantee. Your guarantee will convert higher if you offer a stronger and longer guarantee for your product.

Example: you can offer a 60 day guarantee instead of 30 day guarantee for your product.


Step #6: Offer a call to action. Tell your prospect what action you want them or what to do next.

Example: Click The Buy Button Below To Order [Name of your product] Today!

“Click the link below to get your free report”



Step #7: Now it is time to add your P.S. Your post-script should reiterate your main benefit. Your p.s. should heighten the sense of urgency or call the prospect to action again


Step #8: It is now time to get a payment processor. You want to be able to collect money from your product sales. You will need a payment processor like Clickbank, JVZoo, Warrior+Plus or Zaxaa.

Otherwise you can use or You will be given a payment button or link so you can place them on your sales letter to collect payments.


Step #9: Now it is time to create your download page so people can download the product they paid you for. On the download page you want to thank your prospect for ordering your product and give them a link to download your product.


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